When Technology Overwhelms Small Business

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Everyone has uttered it: “I love technology. When it works.” Networks, connectivity, apps that tie all of your information into one convenient place, they’re all terrific when they function properly. But when there’s a misfire and suddenly you can’t access your information, you can’t communicate with clients or your website has gone funky, technology becomes the enemy if you can’t fix the problem in a hurry.

Small businesses are often sans-IT departments. Many can get by with the office computer “expert” who enjoys toying with them on the side. But what to do if you encounter a problem bigger than the typical reboot can handle? What are your options?

IT Options for Small Business

  • Call the manufacturer’s technical support number. This may be your first move, as the technical problem might be a simple redirect. On the downside, it’s sometimes tricky to translate the manufacturer’s instructions into reality and solutions often include a program re-install, causing costly downtime and the loss of company data.
  • Utilize the skills of an intern from a nearby college or university. A potential win-win for your organization while you draw on the newly-learned and most up-to-date information; however a student’s learning curve may slow your company’s return to functionality.
  • Work with big box retailers like Best Buy’s Geek Squad or sidle up to Apple’s Genius Bar for tech support. Quick access and face-to-face interaction are the pros to this approach, but the revolving door of less-than-qualified technicians does not lead to relationship building, so the next time you have an issue, you’ll likely start all over again.
  • Partner with an IT Consulting firm. Having local, knowledgeable collection of professionals whose business is to provide IT service to small businesses is a safe and reliable answer to keeping your IT systems up and running. Of course contracting such services is a cost that may or may not fit into your operating budget.

Technology can make or break productivity. When your business is your expertise, not the software and hardware, networks and apps that keep it running smoothly, technology downfalls will cost you money and open you up to security breeches, viruses and spyware infections.

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