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With the constant news of email scams, misleading ads, cyber crime, and identity theft it is reasonable to have anxieties regarding the safety of any internet activity. To the point that some proprietors avoid online lending because they worry about the security of these web-based funding companies.

The leaders of web-based financing surge focus the protection of their customer’s information. As with any other business decision, it is only sound to do some due diligence before choosing a lender online. As an owner, how can you make certain that your online lender provides the security and funding they promote?

Find Safe Lenders Online
Before you apply online for business funding, you should research your potential lenders. Here are some basic tips to help you decide.

Real address:
A platform lender might operate online, but a reliable funding company will present a physical address in a noticeable area on their site. For example, you can visit the Lendini contact page to learn that we have an office in both Jersey City, NJ and Langhorne, PA. It is easy enough to confirm this location with a Google search.

Third-party confirmation:

You can compare the website and other references for third-party confirmation. You might review the BBB for a listing and evaluation. Some online certification organizations, like GoDaddy, GeoTrust, or TrustE review sites and award seals if the company meets security and privacy criteria.

Look for reviews from other business owners:
The truth is that you cannot use reviews solely to make your evaluation of an online company. Customers are more inclined to write a grievance when they are unsatisfied and more times than not move on when the company has met their expectations. Fake reviews are also a problem either by competitors or advocates of a particular company. You can still view comments and remarks by others to guide your additional examination into the business.

Check the website’s ownership:
Checking the WHOIS registry will tell you who the owner of the website is and how long it has been active. WHOIS will give you insight into the real essence of the company that runs the website and if they are a business funding company.

Be cautious of lead generators:
One of the major menaces to online privacy comes from aggressive lead generators. Regularly, lead generators sites misrepresent themselves as funders; however, the real purpose is to collect data to sell to any number of funders or brokers around the country. To securely and confidentially obtain the funding you need, you should presumably deal with an actual funder.

Genuine online funders know that their company’s future relies on their reputation for keeping their client’s data safe and secure. Lendini has taken steps to protect our business and that of our partners, clients, and applicants. If you do your research and choose a secure funding company, you are likely to be satisfied with your choice to obtain capital from an online funder.

Our purpose at Lendini is to release the potential of each small business by equipping them with appropriate and timely access to working capital. We use information, technology, and personal expertise to maximize the potential in every business we fund

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